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The U-GLOVE® distribution program, designed to reach every corner of the country, while maximizing distributors’ benefits with a long-term partnership that is based on trust and our commitment to deliver excellence.

The U-GLOVE® program provides distributors with access to an exclusive, patented protected product that is in high demand by retailers across multiple industries. Our distributor program offers volume-based incentives and performance-based customer account exclusivity to enable master or direct distribution.

Distributor benefits

The U-GLOVE® program provides a zero-touch solution to customers seeking safety and protection in public spaces. Our patented dispensers elevate your customers’ brand image by providing differentiation beyond price. U-GLOVE® offers a competitive advantage and a powerful way to avoid potential liabilities by offering a low-cost solution to mitigate and help contain the spread of viral and bacterial disease while generating income from advertising. Competitive advantages include:


  • Cost-neutral replenishment through advertising revenues

  • First ever outdoor-indoor disposable HDPE Glove dispenser for multi-location

  • Food grade high quality disposable gloves

  • Simple peel & stick dispenser installation

  • No maintenance cost

  • Guaranteed glove replenishment

  • 1-year dispenser warranty

  • Optional 3-year term replacement program at discounted price

  • Fully customizable/branded dispensers (under U-GLOVE Patent at additional cost)

  • Ongoing customer service


All-weather resistant, designed for all seasons (no rust!), versatile, built to last plastic and impact resistant. Easily attach to different surfaces right at your customers’ fingertips, just peel and stick.


  • Patent protected
  • Unique outdoor-indoor glove dispenser
  • Hard and durable PVC plastic structure
  • Single mechanical inner mechanism with no electrical connections.
  • Double UV coating protection for longer life
  • Easy installation “peel & stick“, using the strongest adhesive offered in the market that comes with the dispensers2
  • Upper banner for advertising under patent method (starting Q1 of 2023)
  • Third party branded gloves for advertising under patent method
  • Several shipping packing, single (count) shipping pack, case of 4 counts, and full pallets.
  • Serials to better control dispenser location and advertising georeference

Order details

  • Minimum order quantity
  • Tier discounts



Our standard premium disposable gloves are white embossed, thicker than most alternatives and recyclable. Features include:

  • Zero-Touch protection
  • Single use
  • Recyclable
  • Food grade
  • Embossed for easy use
  • Size L that fits all consumer hands
  • Touch-screen compatible
  • Fully customizable with customer’s brand or 3rd party advertisements

Order details

  • Minimum order quantity
  • Tier discounts


Distributors profit from an additional discount through 

U-GLOVE’s annual credit reward points program 

(U-POINTS), conforming to the following conditions:
   -Distributors accumulate points (USD) throughout the             year with every purchase
   -Reward* levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold


  • Minimum annual purchase
  • Minimum amount per purchase
  • Minimum quantity per item
  • Minimum quantity of orders per year
  • Sale under MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Resale Price).
  • Maintain account payments up to date


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