What is U-GLOVE?

U-GLOVE, Inc. is a South Florida company aiming to make the world and the gas pump a safer place by keeping consumers clean and protected in public spaces.

Is it really safe? 

Yes, U-GLOVE is a zero contact preventative solution. However, there is no substitute to effective hand-washing and you are always encouraged to wash your hands before and after touching public surfaces. U-GLOVEs are single-use and disposable; they are a proactive solution, safer than reactive solutions such as paper towels and hand sanitizers because it keeps your hands protected while in use and not exposed to contaminants.

What are U-GLOVEs made of?

U-GLOVEs are made of polyethylene, a hypoallergenic plastic that is made to keep you safe from contaminated surfaces. U-GLOVEs are also recyclable.

How much does it cost?

Free! U-GLOVE works with its partners -like gas stations and grocery shops - to provide you with the gloves you need to stay safe and clean.

Who uses U-GLOVE?

Everyone! At least, everyone should. U-GLOVE breaks the chain of germ transmission. Stop the spread and spread the word.

Why should I carry U-GLOVE in my business?

Protecting your customers is in your (and their) best interest. As a business owner, offering a cleaner, friendlier and safer experience can lead to business growth. Consumers will look for U-GLOVE and return to the businesses that stock them. Increase your traffic, sales and repeat business. Your customers deserve to be protected. 

What makes the U-GLOVE advertising platform special?

U-GLOVE has a built-in positive connotation with the consumers it protects. They will associate your advertising with the experience of staying clean at the pump. We call this positive advertising.

Will they really see my message?

Yes. The advertisements appear at eye level, more or less, while consumers wait as they’re fueling up. For an extra layer of visibility, we can also print your message directly onto the U-GLOVEs. Furthermore, U-GLOVE dispensers offer unparalleled exposure while at the pump:

   - Exposure: Average four to five minutes per visit
   - Reach: Location average of 42-45K visitors per month
   - Frequency: Average more than four times per month
   - Station Coverage One ad per pump means 100% share of voice- Geo-Targeting:
     Place ads by zip code to meet your demographic strategy

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